The Mach II CDS Technology suite of tools is available to download. Some are available free of charge while others require a licensing agreement.

The CDS stands for Calculation, Documentation, and Database Storage of relief device information. The Mach II Digital Engineer generates a complete and highly detailed design record, including inlet and outlet piping design, summary reports and specification sheets for relief valves, rupture discs, and rupture disc holders.

The Mach II CDS Reader is a "Read-Only" version of our Mach II Digital Engineer and can be downloaded free of charge. The Reader will read, run, view, and print all twenty-three (23), gas, vapor, liquid, and steam scenarios as well as two-phase flow calculations. Feel free to send the Mach II Reader to all of your clients or associates, which can easily be sent as an e-mail attachment. The Mach II storage utility allows you to save the Mach II .cds files to a search engine database. Download the Mach II Reader now.

The Mach II Digital Engineer is the flagship of Digital Solutions Technology, Inc. This product requires a licensing agreement however you can experience the power of Mach II Digital Engineer for a period of 30 days free of charge. Simply download the software and contact Digital Solutions Technology, Inc. for a temporary User ID and Password to enable Internet communications. The Mach II Digital Engineer is also bundled with the Mach II CDS Reader. This product is available with or without an automatic installation program Download the Mach II Digital Engineer (installer) now.

DIERS Benchmark Tests: Included in the Mach II folder are several DIERS benchmark test for single and two-phase flow. These benchmarks include homogenous onset/disengagement, frozen flow, hybrid flow, high viscosity flow, back-pressure effects, liquid upward and downward flow and many more. Various configurations and test case files are provided. The user can download specific categories of benchmark files or download the entire library. Download Library of DST Test files.

Documentation: The user can choose from a wide variety of documentation including Installation and User Guides for the Single and Two-Phase portions of the program. Download the documentation package

Please contact Digital Solutions Technology, Inc. if you would like a 15-minute program walk through phone presentation to bring you up to speed almost immediately.

All firewall issues must be resolved prior to using the MACH II Digital Engineer as it requires access via port 9000 to communicate with our Internet network server. Your IT department can help you to resolve this issue.

NOTE: Delete any previously downloaded copies of Mach II to prevent any conflict with server communication.
8/13/2013 | Size: 15.06MB | Version:
Mach II Digital Engineer with installer
8/8/2013 | Size: 7.66MB | Version:
Mach II Digital Engineer w/o installer
10/19/2003 | Size: 3.4MB
Installer of Spell Checker Dictionary
03/29/2003 | Size: 993K
User Guide for Single-phase
07/14/2003 | Size: 2.1MB
User Guide for Two-Phase
05/26/2003 | Size: 972K
Installation Manual
Sample Files
10/21/2003 | Size: 4.2MB
Library of DST Test Files
06/30/2003 | Size: 519K
DIERS Test Files (ALL)
06/30/2003 | Size: 356K
DIERS Test Files (Pipe Benchmarks)
06/30/2003 | Size: 270K
DIERS Test Files (Safety Valve Benchmarks)
06/30/2003 | Size: 190K
DIERS Test Files (Combined Safety Valve Benchmarks)
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