Project Management

Project Management Processes

Project Manager- must manage inter-dependencies among other knowledge areas.  And integrate varies activities of the project.

Team Members- completes project activities

Sponsor – protect project team from un-necessary losses and loss of resources

Project Selection Methods

       Benefits measurement method

·         Murder board

·         Scoring models

·         Economic models

·         Benefits Compared to Cost

·         Peer Review

       Constrained optimization methods-  

·         Rely on mathematical techniques to determine the selection of the best project to achieve business objectives.

              o Linear programming 

1.      Project Integration Management

          Integrative actions that are crucial for successfully completing the project.  Must manage the inter-dependencies                    among other knowledge areas.

          A.     Initiating Process Group

                   i.        Develop Project Charter

                              a.      Inputs

                                       i.      Project Statement of Work

                                      ii.      Business Case

                                     iii.      Agreements

                                     iv.      Enterprise Environmental factors

                                      v.      Organizational Assets (Best Practices)

                              b.      Tools

                                       i.      Expert Judgment

                                      ii.      Facilitation techniques

                             c.      Output

                                      i.      Project Charter

                                     ii.      Identify Stateholders

           B.      Planning Process Group

                   i.        Develop Project Management Plan – detailed document which describes how the project would be                                                 executed monitored and controlled.

                               a.     Processes

                                       i.      Defining

                                      ii.      Preparing

                                     iii.      Integrating

                                     iv.      Coordinating- all subsidiary plans and integrating them into a comprehensive project management                                                  plan.

           C.      Executing  Process Group

                                      i.        Direct & Manage Project Work

                                     ii.       Direct and Manage Project Knowledge

          D.      Monitoring and Control Process Group

                                     i.        Monitor and Control Project Work

                                    ii.       Perform integrated Change Control

          E.       Closing Process Group

                                     i.        Close Project or Phase