DIERS Benchmarks

Vapor  Flow Case 1

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This report is based on utilizing the Mach II CDS, single-phase design engine.  The single-phase engine is independent of the Mach II, two-phase design engine and uses the Darcy formula for incompressible (liquid) flow and the adiabatic Shapiro relationship for compressible(vapor/gas) flow, when calculating the inlet and outlet pressure drops.

The fluid flowrate is not reduced based on inlet pressure drop.  The two-phase engine will reduce the relieving pressure based on tea inlet pressure loss thus reducing relief flowrate.

Vapor flow calculated  base on 6.38 in2 nozzle  = 21.667 lb./hr.

                  Flowrate              Choke       Quality         Inlet dP              % Pset               Outlet dP         % Pset              Piping

                    21,667                  ---               1.0               3.05                   5.80                     2.15                 4.08                  4 X 6

                    21,667                  __              1.0               0.84                   1.89                     2.15                 4.08                  6 X 6