WELCOME  to Digital Solutions Technology home of the Mach II CDS, PSM Network System.  The goal of Digital Solutions Technology is to provide server based software solutions to complex problems, procedures and standard methods of calculation, documentation and storage.  The Mach II CDS, PSM Network system software is a server based digital solution applied to the Process Safety Managment(PSM) requirements under OSHA 29CFR 1910.119a  safety standard. 

"Process Safety Management is the proactive identification, evaluation, and mitigation or prevention of chemical releases that could occur as a result of failures in process, procedures, or equipment."       Download OSHA 29CFR 1910.119

The Mach II CDS, PSM Compliance Strategy

The Mach II CDS, PSM system, allows the  user to evaluate liquid, gas, vapor, steam and two-phase relief sceanrios to determine the worst-case cause of over-pressure which becomes the design basis of the pressure relief system.  The software uses the best practices, standards and methodologies based on API, ASME Code, NFPA, NGA-S, and DIERS methodology.   

The Design Institure of Emergency Relief System (DIERS) is considered as the best Recognized and Generally Accepted, Good Engineering Practices (RAGAGEP) by OSHA and leading industry leaders. 

"For example the AIChE has published technical reports on topics such as two-phase flow for venting devices.  This type of technically recognized report would constitute good engineering practice."  OSHA Appendix C 1910.119 Compliance Guidelines and Recommendations for Process Safety Managment.

It has been determined through DIERS reaserch that a relief system can be under-sized as much as ten (10) times if the designer does not take into account the possibility of two-phase flow.   For this reason the Mach II software is especially designed to test for the likeihood of two-phase flow and if applicable allows the user to design for two-phase flow for the fire case, runaway reactions, or any user input two-phase relief capacity. 

Customized  Relief Device Design Record

The final document will be a complete detailed design record,  providing sceanrio analysis, piping and pressure drop calcualtions, and specification sheets, that are cross-platform campatible with Excel, Word, or Adobe Acrobat. 

PSM Report Engine

With the PSM report engine technology, the user will have complete control and access  of all process, maintenance, and specification data to retrive at their finger-tips to generate customized PSM reports by extracting specificed data from each design record.  This is a very powerful tool that eliminates the need to search manually through three-ring binders, and file cabinets, to find Proces Safety Inforamtino(PSI).

Free Mach II Reader Version

Digital Solutions provides a free READER version of its Mach II CDS, PSM network system to allow sharing of relief design inforamtion across the industry.  This is the ultimate sharing environment where safety professionals and researchers can collablorate on complex relief design startegies. 

Download your free Mach II READER today to experience the power and speed of the Mach II (CDS), design, calculation and storage engine.   Examine the library of relief design files from the DIERS benchmarks and from literature publications.   

Take a look at the above tabs to evaluate the DIERS benchmarks utilizing the Mach II technology. 

It has been a pleasure providing this overview.

Ed Kitchen

PSM Technical Specialist