Step 4-J

Two-phase Report

Re run Piping program

The inlet and outlet piping program is rerun after increasing the inlet and outlet piping until the pressure drop and the fluid flowrate matches the nozzle flowrate.  It is determined after running multiple pipe sizes that the inlet pipe size requires a 4" pipe and the outlet pipe requires a 10" pipe.  A 10" outlet is required if the user desires to install a conventional valve and must meet the 10% of Pset requirement for the outlet pressure drop to meet ASME Code.  The results for the inlet and outlet piping from the direct integration and the piping report are shown below.

                                                                                       Inlet                                                                            outlet

PIpe size   (in)                                                               4"                                                                               10"  

Pressure Wpipe = Wnozzle  (psia)                       254.3                                                                            29.27                                                    

Pressure drop  (psi)                                                2.425                                                                            14.9

%Pset                                                                          0.945                                                                             7.44