Step 1-E

Enter the piping data in the,"Piping and Pressure Drop" tab for the inlet and outlet piping.  Once the, "Generate Report", tab is activated a complete detailed design report shows that the existing relief device orifice size (1.287 in2 ),  and the inlet and outlet piping are adequate to meet the single-phase Fire case relief rate.  The Mach II uses the adiabatic Shapiro equations  based on mach numbers to determine the inlet and outlet pressures at  P0, P1,  P2, P3, to determine pressure drops of inlet and outlet piping.

Click the "Report Generator" tab, to size the inlet and outlet piping based on the existing piping configuration to determine if it is adequate.


Inlet piping pressure drop                                             2.21 psi          % Pset    1.10 

Outlet piping pressure drop                                         7.06 psi          %Pset     3.53