Runaway Reaction

For the runaway reaction case we will take an example from the literature entitled "Simplified Vent Sizing Equations for Emergency Relief Requirements in Reactors and Storage Vessels", by Joseph Leung of Fauske and Associates, Inc.  Download

The key to performing this calculation is to determine the self-heat rate which is known or determined from calorimetry testing.  

Step 1-A  Runaway Reaction (Input Data)

The Mach II input screen is presented to show all input data.  The Mach II data has been converted from SI units used in the Leung article to British units.   Input all requried physical property data and most importantly the self-heat rate which is the key parameter for sizing for runaway reaction.  This self-heat rate must be either known or determined through calorimetry testing.

Fundamental Equations

The fundamental equations are listed below the input screen.