Step  1-B  Runaway Reaction (Results)

The Mach II results are similar to the results given in the Leung article when converted from SI units.  The small difference in two-phase relieving capacity is due to Leung using properties at the Set Pressure rather than the relieving condition or an average between the two.  However, you will notice that the results, as he states in his article, are not very different.  Also calculated are the time to empty vessel,  and the time to reach peak (pressure) condition which are in exact agreement with Leung.

                                                                                           J. C.  Leung                       J.C. Leung Converted                                      Mach II

Heat input Runaway Reaction                              1,426 KJ/s                             46,224,28 Btu/hr                                  47,295,728 Btu/hr            

Two-phase Runaway Relief Rate                           256 kg/s                                2,031,759 lbs/hr.                                   1,973,410  lbs/hr

Time for tank to empty                                             37.1 s                                     37.1 s                                                        38.4 s

Time for tank to reach peak                                    25.6 s                                     25.6 s                                                         25.9 s